Want high impact with little effort? Extensions are the way to go! Get a lush lash look with semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions.

What are lash extensions?
Lash extensions are tiny individual false lashes that are meticulously glued on to a person’s own lashes one by one to give the effect of fuller, longer lashes. 

What are the lashes made of?
Lashes can be made of a few different materials, including Synthetic, Silk and Mink. We use mainly synthetic mink to achieve a natural look and for durability. We offer different curl shapes and lengths, which can vary the look and feel of your lashes.

What’s the difference between a Natural set and a Glamour set?
A Natural set is about 65 lashes on each eye. A Glamour set has more lashes for a fuller more dramatic look. It can be up to as many lashes as your eye can safely accommodate. The Glamour set takes more time so it’s important to choose that option when scheduling your service.

Do your eyelashes need to be a certain length in order to attach the false lashes?
Your lashes do not need to be a certain length, although you need to have lashes to apply to, since the false lash is applied to your natural lash hair. If your lashes are shorter, thinner or damaged, it will determine how long and thick we can apply the lash extensions.

How safe is the bonding glue? 
The adhesive glue used is very safe. We use a few different adhesives depending on your sensitivity level -– all are formaldehyde-free and medical grade. If you are trying lash extensions for the first time or are concerned about allergic reactions we can do a patch test in advance.

How long does it take to apply the lashes?
Depending on how thick you’d like your extensions, the condition of your lashes and how much your eyes naturally water can vary the time of application. It usually takes anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours for an initial set.

How long do the lashes last?
The lashes can take two to three months to fall off with no touch ups. Lashes should be touched up every two to three weeks to maintain the full lash look.

Are there any side effects associated with getting lash extensions?
Everyone’s eyes are different in sensitivity level. We use our professional judgment to determine which adhesive to use on each client to prevent any side effects. If an allergic reaction occurs the lashes can be removed by the lash technician.

What are the top 5 reasons to try this trend?
1. Ease and speed of daily beauty routine
2. Look awake and beautiful even with little to no makeup
3. Great for vacations, weddings or any photography session
4. Feel confident and pretty
5. Men love lashes!



Initial Full Set Lashes
Natural Look - 90 minutes: $155
Glamour Look (unlimited lashes) - 120 minutes: $195

Lash Touch-up
60 minute Fill - 2-week touch-up: $69
75 minute Fill - 3-week touch-up: $85
90 minute Fill - 4-week touch-up: $99
120 minute Fill - 4-week Glam touch-up: $129

Removal $35

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Lash Extension Packages
3 Fills: $180 ($27 savings)
6 fills: $350 ($64 savings)

Post lash extension service Makeup Session $20