Mastering the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Now don’t get us wrong, a dramatic eye or an expertly crafted contour can bring us to our knees when we’re looking for full-on fashion magazine glamour. But lately the style that has totally taken over our Instagram feed is the “no-makeup makeup look,” a phenomenon that showcases just how awesome cosmetics can be for enhancing true natural beauty. For most women, the difficulty lies in their face makeup; how to wear foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter without it looking too heavy? Our Beauty Director Dusty Starks is an expert at creating glowing, goddess-like skin that will make posting a #nofilter photo a no-brainer!


The first step to a fresh-face is with your skincare. Starks recommends exfoliating twice a week to maintain a natural glow. However, "You don't want to over-exfoliate because that can backfire on you. Sometimes when you over-exfoliate you strip the pH balance from your skin and it makes your skin splotchy, leaving these little dry patch areas." Starks recommends an Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub and warns against using exfoliators that contain synthetic beads, as those can break and actually scratch the surface of your skin.

Next, because you won’t be wearing any powder, it’s important to stop oil and shine in its tracks! Starks instructs applying a mattifier to the T-zone, like our UltiMatte T-Zone Mattifier. "Dewy can turn into greasy if you start layering on a moisturizer, a primer, and a serum," she says. "This step is important because it will be used in the T-zone area where you don’t really want to illuminate your skin."

Forget foundation? No way! For this look, the objective is “your skin, but better.” Opt for a lightweight formula, such as our BB cream. "It’s like a tinted moisturizer giving natural coverage that your skin will shine through,” notes Starks. “You don’t want to camouflage your face. If you’re using something that’s too matte it’s going to go against what you’re trying to create, ultimately. This evens the skin tone, it primes and it’s oil-free." Apply the BB cream all over the face and down the jawline using a dampened Beauty Blender for the application. “It's great around the eye area if you have any discoloration, which most of us do," she encourages. "So it works as a concealer as well."

Now it’s time to go for the glow! Starks uses our illuminating lotion in Movie Star for added radiance. "There’s no sparkle or glitter in it," she says. "I like to add it to just the high points of your face where the light naturally hits you - so on the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, below the brow bone, and you can do it on the cupid’s bow, which is really pretty.”

Finally, fill in your cheeks with a cream formula that will blend easily and give you an effortless flush. Bonus: it can double as a wash for color for lips. Brilliant!

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.

Fall Skin Care Routine

 As seasons transition, the sudden change from warm, balmy weather to crisp, dry days can leave your skin feeling parched and patchy, not the baby-bottom soft cheeks you want to cozy up with. Fight back against frightful fall weather with an updated skin care regimen that targets all your worst cold-weather woes.


Covet The Cream

Even with dry skin, a daily cleanser is necessary to keep your complexion looking its best. Instead of worsening your woes with a harsh product, try a cream-based formula. Our gel cream cleanser is top notch at removing dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping away your skins natural moisture.

 Daily Dose of Moisture

The best defense against the dry air and wind exposure that accompanies fall activities is a daily moisturizer. When applied after cleansing, a moisturizer not only leaves your skin more radiant, but also acts as a barrier between any free radicals or sun exposure that lead to skin damage. Lightweight, formulated with Vitamins E & C, and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, Daily Moisture Protection is our pick for best daily moisturizer.

 Embrace the Emollience

When a daily moisturizer simply won’t do the job, step aside and embrace the emollience of Hydrating Cream Extreme. This ultra-hydrating cream was designed to absorb deep into pores while you sleep, soothing and softening your skin with antioxidant vitamins. Its luxurious feel will leave you looking forward to your nightly routine long before quitting time.

                                                                                                                                           Upgrade Your Under-Eyes

For an extra little oomph in your skin care routine, we recommend an eye cream. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but taking extra care of the delicate skin around your eyes is the absolute best way to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Best of all, our Transforming Eye Cream firms and tones your under-eyes, preventing the dreaded concealer crease.

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s!

Skin Transforming Serum

If you asked ten women to describe their skincare routine, you’d likely get ten different answers, depending on their age, skin type, and time allowance (I’m looking at you, ladies-applying-mascara-in-your-rearview!). Some swear by daily moisturizing, while others rely on a clarifying toner or regular exfoliation. No matter your preferences, we’d like to introduce you to the one-size-fits-all product that is guaranteed to improve every complexion: Skin Transforming Serum

Revel in the Radiance

One of the things we love most about a serum is the natural vitality it can bring to dull, tired skin. Long night out on the town? Skip the heavy under eye concealer and let your serum bring your skin back to life. It will look more natural and conserve product: a true win-win situation!

Smooth As Silk

Rough, patchy, or uneven skin is a problem we encounter a lot in Southern California, due to our constant exposure to the sun. This can make even the most regimented amateur aesthetician look cakey or dry when she applies her foundation. A good serum will smooth your skin’s texture, leaving it even and absorbent to any makeup you apply.

Play Down Pores

Oversized pores are another dead giveaway that your skin could use some TLC. What’s worse is that the makeup you apply to enhance your skin can look unnatural and uneven when pores are open and enlarged. Serums minimize the appearance of pores, giving your skin the tight, healthy look you had as a child. Can you say baby’s bottom? 

Airbrushed and Angelic

Lastly, our serum is formulated with soft focus diffusers, meaning they contain a silicone-based ingredient that accomplishes the equivalent of airbrushing! It gives the look of a gorgeous magazine editorial, with minimal definition and a light, airy finish. This reduces streaking and stops any face makeup from settling into lines, pores, or creases, which makes you look older. Let’s face it; we all deserve to look like Gisele once in a while!

Until next time, Social Buttefli’-s.

How You’re Secretly Sabotaging Your Makeup Routine

Let’s face it: sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our morning routine. We set the alarm with just enough time for everything to run smoothly, and then are mystified when the lip liner we applied in our rearview mirror looks less Kylie Jenner and more like Bozo the clown. Why can’t we learn to get out of our own way and set ourselves up for success? Because if there is one thing we can control in our daily lives, it’s the confidence that comes from starting your day with a polished look, despite the spilled coffee or gridlock traffic.

Hold Off on the Humidity

When your head is still up in the clouds, it’s easy to spend a little extra time in the shower, forcing you to rush once you’re out to make up time. Unfortunately, this move is only going to set you back further, because an ultra-steamy bathroom is destined to ruin your makeup before you even begin applying it. Nothing wants to blend, and even worse, nothing will stay put. First rule of thumb: get out of the Amazon. Set up a vanity somewhere with good natural light and watch your makeup go from a sweaty mess to a sexy success.

Mellow out the Mascara

The most common mistake women make when doing their makeup is over-applying mascara. It’s a common misconception that more means larger lashes, which is simply not the case. Celebrity makeup artist and Butterfli Me beauty director Dusty Starks says, "we all want our lashes to look long and thick but two coats is all you need. Mascara dries pretty quickly so when you apply a coat and then a second coat, it's already drying in between. If you keep putting tons of mascara on, coat after coat, it's just going to get clumpy and make your lashes look spidery." Starks recommends Delphine Luxury Mascara ($18) for flirty lashes in just two coats. 

Lock in the Lashes 

Adding a little va-va-voom to your lashes is a perfectly respectable way to “fake an awake” on a rough morning, but if applied incorrectly, can become a complete fiasco. "You have to let the glue dry so it can get tacky," says Starks. "Wait that 30 seconds. If you don't the lash won't stick and it can slip all over the place. You'll end up either with glue in your eye or on your lid and it's hard to remove."

Set Your Skin Care 

Like all makeup products, your skin care lotions and potions need time to absorb before you layer any face makeup on top. Patience is key; brush your teeth immediately following your serum or eye cream and eliminate uneven skin or product pilling for perfect, porcelain skin.

Double-Check in Daylight

Doing your makeup in the dark is a one-way ticket to Clownsville, with over-application and sharp, unblended contours giving you away. Don’t leave it to chance- "Who knows what's going to walk out of that room!” says Starks. “Try to find as much natural light as possible, whether it's in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.”