How to Rock a Bold Lip Fall

Pucker up, pretties: it’s time to learn how to rock a bold lip! If you’ve been eyeing the vibrant, mood-lifting shades of fall that have splashed the runways this season. No need to be intimidated by those shiny tubes; we’ve got your top three tips (and a few sultry shades suggestions) that will leave you looking anything but basic.

Prep Your Pout

In order for your favorite spicy shade to show through to its fullest potential, you should first prep your pout by exfoliating. Slough off dead skin for smooth canvas using an exfoliating scrub of sugar and coconut oil. Voila! Baby smooth lips that are ready for their close-up.

Plump the Pucker

That just bitten look of lips is timelessly alluring, and can be achieved with one simple step: a plump. To add volume and hydration that will heal the dreaded crack of parched lips, simply apply a deeply nourishing balm- we love the pure Vitamin E in Delphine Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Balm.

Smile Between the Lines

The key to keeping a bold lip looking polished and in place is by first defining the shape of your lips. To keep lipstick from sliding, pick a lip pencil within one or two shades of your lipstick to create a barrier. Then, with short, soft strokes begin outlining the very edge of your upper lip, starting with your Cupid’s Bow and working outwards. Repeat the same process on your lower lip.

Bright is Bold….Berry is Beautiful

Bold lips don’t have to say “I took a risk.” In fact, while eye-catching and colorful, the right bold lip shade should be an accent to your ensemble, not the focus. The two biggest factors to consider are skin tone and wardrobe; warmer shades (pinks, oranges) pair better with cooler undertones, while cooler colors (berries, browns) look especially lovely against olive or caramel skin.

With fall’s more muted, natural shades and textures, you can afford to add some excitement to your makeup. A vibrant fuchsia like Intoxicate or Just Out, a gorgeous red-orange, can be a playful way to incorporate a pop of color into your favorite LBD.

Still, the berry lip is no doubt the hottest for Fall 2015. This color goes well with every skin tone and gives off a combined vibe of sophistication and edge! Our personal favorite berry lipstick is Sizzle, lined with Raisin lipliner- perfection! 

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.

Mastering the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Now don’t get us wrong, a dramatic eye or an expertly crafted contour can bring us to our knees when we’re looking for full-on fashion magazine glamour. But lately the style that has totally taken over our Instagram feed is the “no-makeup makeup look,” a phenomenon that showcases just how awesome cosmetics can be for enhancing true natural beauty. For most women, the difficulty lies in their face makeup; how to wear foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter without it looking too heavy? Our Beauty Director Dusty Starks is an expert at creating glowing, goddess-like skin that will make posting a #nofilter photo a no-brainer!


The first step to a fresh-face is with your skincare. Starks recommends exfoliating twice a week to maintain a natural glow. However, "You don't want to over-exfoliate because that can backfire on you. Sometimes when you over-exfoliate you strip the pH balance from your skin and it makes your skin splotchy, leaving these little dry patch areas." Starks recommends an Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub and warns against using exfoliators that contain synthetic beads, as those can break and actually scratch the surface of your skin.

Next, because you won’t be wearing any powder, it’s important to stop oil and shine in its tracks! Starks instructs applying a mattifier to the T-zone, like our UltiMatte T-Zone Mattifier. "Dewy can turn into greasy if you start layering on a moisturizer, a primer, and a serum," she says. "This step is important because it will be used in the T-zone area where you don’t really want to illuminate your skin."

Forget foundation? No way! For this look, the objective is “your skin, but better.” Opt for a lightweight formula, such as our BB cream. "It’s like a tinted moisturizer giving natural coverage that your skin will shine through,” notes Starks. “You don’t want to camouflage your face. If you’re using something that’s too matte it’s going to go against what you’re trying to create, ultimately. This evens the skin tone, it primes and it’s oil-free." Apply the BB cream all over the face and down the jawline using a dampened Beauty Blender for the application. “It's great around the eye area if you have any discoloration, which most of us do," she encourages. "So it works as a concealer as well."

Now it’s time to go for the glow! Starks uses our illuminating lotion in Movie Star for added radiance. "There’s no sparkle or glitter in it," she says. "I like to add it to just the high points of your face where the light naturally hits you - so on the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, below the brow bone, and you can do it on the cupid’s bow, which is really pretty.”

Finally, fill in your cheeks with a cream formula that will blend easily and give you an effortless flush. Bonus: it can double as a wash for color for lips. Brilliant!

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.