New Fall Looks

From Rome to Rio to Mozambique, our looks are inspired by vibrant, international cities with their own unique styles and culture! We’ve loved taking you around the world with these stunning makeup looks, featuring everything from bold, bright lips in the Hong Kong look to the no-fuss sunkissed style of Kauai! Still, it came to our attention that we were neglecting the beauty in our own backyard: sunny California! This fall, we’re excited to announce a few new additions in honor of the Golden State: Hollywood, Napa, and Newport! 


Become the star of your own big screen with the Hollywood look, makeup that captures red carpet style but still appears effortless. To achieve skin is glowing, yet matte, mix our illuminating lotion with hi-def foundation and applying with a beauty blender for flawless coverage. For the eyes, this look features shimmery gold on the lid, and a true, warm bronze blended into the crease. The lower waterline is defined with the bronze eyeliner (we love Copperized gel pencil), while the top lash line is defined with liquid eyeliner in Onyx. Top it off with lush mink lashes, a gentle contour into the hollows of your cheekbones, and peachy-nude lip for a look that would make Marilyn herself glow with envy.


Capturing the romance and rustic nature of California’s wine-growing region, the Napa look is an elegant, everyday style with flirtatious elements: exactly how we’d describe ourselves after a glass (or two) of vino! Start with dewy, fresh skin prepped by our skin transforming serum. Then, apply mineral liquid powder foundation for a soft, diffused finish. Lightly flush cheeks with cream blush, and apply highlighter with pearl undertones to cheekbones, bridge of nose, Cupid’s bow, and the cleft of your chin. Next, apply a champagne eyeshadow on the lid and a rust accent shade to your crease. Line both upper and lower lashlines with copper gel pencil and softly smudge. Finish with fluttery false lashes and a raspberry lip! We love the combo of Berry lipliner and Intoxicate


High class on the high seas! A beautiful blend of blues paired with a complimentary peach pout exemplifies Newport style. This look features Delish, a sweet matte peach tone on the lid, an aqua shade called Baby Blues blended into the corners and the lower crease, and Navy into the outer corner and crease (insert link- ). Black liquid liner defines the eye, with navy shadow smudged below the lower lashline. Keep cheeks fairly bare with just a sweep of bronzer and finish the look with tawny pink- we swear by Shrimp.

Until next time, Social Butterfli'-s. 

September 15, 2015

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How to Choose The Right Shades for Your Eye Color

Like a closet full of clothes or a wall of polish at the nail salon, picking the right shades of eye shadow for the look you want to achieve can be overwhelming. Many of us stick to what we know; we learn to create a staple look, and then find ourselves wearing the same makeup day in and day out. We’re here to encourage you to shake up that routine, but in a way that works for you: by finding the right palette for your eye color. Once you understand what shades naturally enhance your complexion and features, you can start to build your repertoire and take your boring old sweep of gold and black smudged eyeliner to the next level. Plus, since this method is not based on trends, picking the right shades to complement your eye color will give you classic looks you’ll be rocking till the wrinkles show.


Blue Eyed Babes

When picking the best shades for blue eyes (or any eye color, for that matter), you should start by looking at a color wheel. Find the opposite of your eye color, and voilà, instant contrast that is stunning next to crystal blue gems. For blue eyes, the complementary colors are shimmery bronze browns, rich purples, light blues, and neutral smoky eyes with light gray. Want to spice it up even further? To really make your blue eyes blaze, line with an orange or terra cotta eyeliner. Orange is the color directly across from blue, making them contrast colors and an amazing duo on your lids!


Green Eyed Girls

One word: purple. Violet and amethyst tones are ideal for green eyes, making them pop against any complexion. Whether it’s a smoky eye, graphic liner, or just a cool wash of color across your eyelids, rich purple shades will leave your green eyes looking radiant. In the same color family, we also love steel grays and charcoals, warm and pinky peaches, and tone-on-tone olive greens.

Hazel Honeys

While we don’t specifically offer looks tailored to hazel eyes, it’s because you versatile ladies have your pick of many different color combos that work with brown and green eyes, since hazel is a mix of the two! For a neutral look that works on just about anyone, we recommend a daytime version of a smoky eye, very similar to our Kauai look. To recreate at home, swipe peach pink shadow on your lid, shimmery bronze blended into your crease, and a dark, chocolate brown swipe of smudged eyeliner on top and bottom eye lines.

Brown Bombshells

With eyes so gorgeous, of course you have your own theme song! Brown-eyed girls, prepare to make your peepers the star of the show with highly pigmented cobalt blue (again, the complimentary color on the color wheel), effortlessly executed in the Miami look. We also love navy, especially as a liner, functioning like an accent color for the overall eye palette. Lastly, we can’t forget gold shadow as a staple in any makeup look for brown eyes. The gorgeous metallic brings out beautiful gold undertones in just about any shade of brown.

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When it comes to maintaining beauty supplies, a lot of women will simply replace their brushes and sponges before taking the time to properly clean and sanitize the ones they already own. It might seem like a simpler solution, but wasting the money and materials is just plain silly. You wouldn’t sell your Mercedes because it needed an oil change, right? The same rule applies to your best brushes! Quality makeup brushes can get a little pricey, but they are tools you use on your face every single day! Fall in love with your brushes and protect your investment by treating them with TLC; we promise you’ll be glad you did! 

What you need:

Dirty makeup brushes

Lukewarm water

Shampoo (the gentler the better, we like any kind of baby shampoo)

Small bowl

Cloth or towel


  1. Begin by running your brushes under a gentle stream of lukewarm water with the handle side up! The water should totally saturate the bristles, which may require you to manipulate the brush slightly to allow the water to reach the center.
  1. Fill a small bowl halfway with water and add a dime-sized amount of shampoo. Swirl your brushes in the soapy mixture, creating lather. You can also use the palm of your hand to help lift the product off the bristles.
  1. Rinse the brushes (again, handle side up) in your sink using lukewarm water. Continue to repeat steps 2 and 3 until you can no longer see any residue on your brushes and the water rinses off clear.
  1. Using a cloth or towel, gently press the bristles of each brush against the fabric to absorb the water. Shape the brush evenly around all sides, carefully avoiding bending or kinking any sections of your brushes, as they will dry in the shape that you mold them! 
  1. Lay them flat to dry on a clean cloth or towel.

When all is said and done, they should take anywhere from 4-6 hours to fully dry. We recommend repeating this process every month to extend the life of your brushes!

Until next time, Social Butterfli'-s. 

The Hottest Fall Makeup Trends

As much as we love summer for its longer days and warm nights, fall is a time when makeup can truly shine. Here in Southern California, we still rock a golden glow into the autumn months; only now we get to drop the “au naturale” beach look in favor of more sultry shades and polished glamour. This fall, get ready for jewel tones, layers of lashes, airbrushed skin, and berry lips!

Diffused and Drop-Dead Gorgeous

First things first: soft, diffused skin is IN. Say goodbye to a heavily defined contour, and hello to blended definition with a wash of color! Our newest contour palette makes this effect easy; it's a lighter take on the original. For cheeks, a matte carnation blush looks natural and compliments the rest of the fall palette. Get the look by applying your foundation with a beauty blender. Trust us, the hype is real. This magic sponge makes achieving an airbrushed finish so easy, and it will save you from any blending woes!

To use: saturate the sponge with water, and then squeeze out the excess so it’s only slightly damp. Coat the rounded end with product before lightly tapping the sponge across your skin for a “stippled” effect. Use the pointed end to apply product beneath your eyes, in the corners of your nose, and across your upper lip with the same tapping motion. Voila, a flawless face!

Rich, Royal Hues

Let it be known: we've fallen hard for jewel tones! For shadows, we love a deep garnet shade that is absolutely stunning against green eyes. Ours is a shimmery crimson called Shock that we love to use as a crease color or blended with peachy (we love Delish) and chocolate brown shades for an earthy take on a traditional smoky eye. For a bolder look, you can incorporate a true, royal blue into your repertoire, either as a subtle swipe of liner or for definition in your crease. Our newest shadow crush is Navy, a shimmery sapphire color that blends seamlessly with Baby Blues, a matte light blue that is simply stunning!

Lastly, don’t forget about your lashes. Soft, fluttery lashes are seriously trending, which means it is time to invest in a good set of faux lashes or extensions for a flirty look. We especially love Dusty’s 100% mink lashes #64 for just the right amount of sex appeal - good for up to 26 wears! 

Luscious Lips

The berry lip is no doubt the hottest for Fall 2015. This color goes well with every skin tone and gives off a combined vibe of sophistication and edge! Also, we shouldn't forget to mention lipliner! Choose a color close to the lipstick shade of choice. It will define & shape your lips and keep your lip color from bleeding. Our personal favorite berry lipstick is Sizzle, lined with Raisin lipliner- perfection! We’re also seeing playful tawny pinks, muted beige nudes & vibrant matte reds. 

With the impending change in seasons, now is the perfect time to switch up your makeup routine. If you’re a creature of habit, adding even one of these trends can make a dramatic difference in your look, making heads turn and people take notice all autumn long!

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.

Back to School Makeup: Getting Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

Well ladies, here we are again: getting ready to go back to school. Worse than having the summer memories fade away (just like your tan) is the thought of all those rushed mornings ahead. Frantically doing your makeup so you won’t be late for first period never goes too well. It certainly makes all your high hopes for strutting into school with the perfect #Iwokeuplikethis swagger fly out the window. No need to fret, my sophisticated scholars; we have you covered with the top 5 steps to getting ready in ten minutes or less!


  1. Know your BB’s and CC’s! Normally, we’d say start your routine with primer, but in a time-crunch, head straight for your BB and CC creams, as their natural vitamins and moisturizers do some of the work of a primer. Plus, their light buildable coverage makes it easy to blend without worrying about lines or streaks. Extra bonus? If you’re headed off to practice or any other outdoor activities straight after class, these formulas have SPF 20 for plenty of sun protection. 
  1. Sweep away the sleepies! The last thing any girl wants to hear is “you look tired.” No need to get fancy with seven different shades of eye shadow, but sweeping a peachy champagne-colored shadow across your lids gives an awakening effect that will let you fake it till you make it. Again, with a neutral shade that has just a little bit of shimmer, you don’t have to worry about precise application. We use our favorite, Tail Spin, like it’s going out of style!
  1. Come on, color! When you sleep, the blood flow to your face can often be impacted, leaving you puffy or pale as you roll out of bed. Better than a cup of coffee or jumping jacks, the best way to fake an energetic face is a matte bronzer and blush! For bronzer, we recommend shades with more of a true brown base to avoid looking orange. Apply in the shape of a 3, with the top curve framing your hairline, the middle sculpting your cheekbone, and the bottom curve along your jawline. Flush the apples of your cheeks (tip-smile to find them!) with a powder blush. 
  1. Use your powder for staying power! What good is wearing makeup if it’s blotchy and faded by lunchtime? Keep all your hard work in place by using a translucent powder to set your makeup. Start from the center of your face and work in broad, sweeping circles out to your four corners (hairline, ears, and chin). Best part of powder? It conceals any blending issues or excess product for an airbrushed finish.
  1. Maximize with mascara! The precision of your makeup has some wiggle room, but when applying mascara, not so much. This is where women spend the bulk of their time when applying makeup, and it can be frustrating to try to do quickly. First tip, pick a formula that doesn’t require a ton of coats. Our luxury mascara brings the drama in just two! Second tip, wait at least one minute between coats to avoid the spidery, clumpy look. Voila! 

Between choosing your outfits every day, getting to class on time, and securing the best parking spot, you have plenty to worry about besides your makeup. Don’t get stuck swiping on eyeliner in a dark school bathroom. Take your back to school makeup like you promise your parents you’ll take study hall: very seriously.

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.

The Lowdown on Eyelash Extensions: What You Need to Know

Every woman has one: the feature or aspect of her appearance that she simply can’t help but be self conscious about. Guys may never get it, but us ladies know: even if everything else about the way you look is perfectly on point, all you can focus on is that singular imperfection. For women with light, short, or sparse eyelashes, that fact was played out every morning, as we struggled to find mascara, a curler, or strips that could compensate for our lackluster lashes. Mascara wasn’t up to the challenge, curlers only did so much, and falsies left us bald when they lifted on our last beach trip…disaster. The plight seemed hopeless. That is, until eyelash extensions hit the scene.

What To Expect: The best thing in beauty since contouring, extensions are life-changing for women that struggle to keep their eyelashes looking full. A full set means each of your natural lashes has an extension attached to it, however, different studios can offer a range of looks depending how natural or dramatic you’d like them to be. With care and precision, each extension is applied using FDA approved adhesive that is gentle on both your eyes and your natural eyelashes. Extensions typically range from $100 to $500 for a full set (good thing we’ve got a Groupon deal for only $56!)

The Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Give them a try! If you’ve got an event or are just curious, you’ve got a lot to gain and not much to lose by giving them a shot 
  • Brush them daily using a spoolie brush! This is especially important after showering or swimming, as you want don’t want them to dry stuck together 
  • Shower before your appointment! The glue needs 24 hours to fully set after application, and steam is its worst enemy, so clean up beforehand to avoid a cold shower situation
  • Get a regular fill, every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking full and even 


  • Touch or rub your eyes; the oils from your hands cause the glue to break down, making them fall out faster
  • Use mascara- unless it’s oil-free! Ours is awesome on extensions and natural lashes alike
  • Curl your extensions; they should come with a natural curl

Whether it’s regular blowouts, gel nails, or brow shaping, we think it’s time to add eyelash extensions to your monthly maintenance routine. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Until next time, Butterfli'-s. 

Strobing: The Lazy Girl’s Contour

You don’t have to have your finger on the pulse of the beauty world to recognize the splash contouring has made this year. Suddenly, thinner noses and higher cheekbones are attainable without going under the knife (thanks for the fab tutorial, Delphine!). Even with the help of our best beauty products and videos, the contouring effect can be tough to recreate and seemingly requires clearing your schedule for an entire afternoon. Just when we were about to throw in the beauty blender and call it quits, we came face-to-face with the newest trend that has made us fall in love with makeup all over again: strobing! No, we aren’t referring to those headache-inducing lights at a dark nightclub. Strobing is the dewy, glowing effect that comes from using highlighter to emphasize the parts of your face that light would naturally hit.

What you need: 

For starters, strobing can be achieved by using any kind of highlighter. Powder, cream, or liquid formulas may have a slightly different look, but the glowing finish is the same. One characteristic all good highlighters share is that they are illuminating. A pearlescent shimmer looks radiant and luminous in the light, like the sparkle on your skin after a dip in the resort pool. We love mixing our Illuminating Lotion in our foundation for an allover, beaming look, then applying a little extra where we really want to shine. 

How to apply:

The beautiful thing about highlighter is that it’s pretty hard to mess up. Simply apply to the highest points on your face, i.e. your upper cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the cleft of your chin, and your cupid’s bow (the double curve of your upper lip). With anything sparkly, less is always more, so start slow and build the right look by layering product if necessary.

Why this trend is here to stay: 

Strobing requires much less time and product than contouring, giving your skin (and your wallet) a break. If you’re searching for the best trick to add oomph to your minimal makeup routine, look no further. Stop suffocating under layers of product; keep it dewy, fresh, and hassle-free with a bright complexion that’s sure to get you noticed. 

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Butterfli Me Summer Skin Care Routine

Between the rays you caught lounging poolside and those balmy nights on the town, healthy, radiant, and sun-damage free skin can become a serious challenge when the temperature heats up. Extra blemishes, excess shine or oil, and sunburns can keep you from having your best skin possible. But, whatever summer episodes your epidermis encounters, you can put your best face forward with a simple summer skin care routine. 

Fresh Faced Start 

Removing all makeup, eliminating bacteria, and exfoliating dead skin cells are the baseline steps for clear skin, and all three begin with a deep cleanse. By far the most important part of any skincare regimen, it is especially essential in summer months, when excess sweat and dry skin from sun exposure take their toll, and after-hours celebrations cut into your usual eight hours of beauty sleep. Start by wetting your face, then massage a quarter-sized amount of papaya enzyme cleanser on your nose, forehead, and chin, working outwards. The geranium and cucumber extracts will awaken and refresh dull, tired looking skin. For any stubborn eye makeup, turn to the power of makeup remover with oil to break up the formula and glycerin to gently moisturize delicate skin.

Maven of Moisture

The excess oil you experience in the summer is caused by your body’s attempt to keep your skin hydrated. Beat it to the punch and moisturize with a formula that will absorb deep into your pores, balancing your complexion for seriously sexy skin. As part of your daily routine, we recommend the Daily Moisture Protection moisturizer, due to its Broad Spectrum SPF 15 with protection against UVA and UVB exposure. For those who want a little brightening as well, you can always add Brightening Day Protection moisturizer for that extra glow.

Sun exposure is the number one culprit of dry skin, the most obvious application for moisturizer. For the super-scaly among us, you need to step it up with deep nourishment, in the form of Vitamins A, C and E in our Hydrating Cream Extreme moisturizer. This formula is ultra rich, and if applied at night, will leave your skin baby-soft and dewy by morning! Apply a dime-sized portion of either moisturizing option, massaging in small circles around the perimeter of your face and neck. Allow moisturizer to absorb for 5-10 minutes before finishing with serum, primer, and makeup.

Lock in the Lovely

In the same way that BB and CC creams have exploded in the makeup scene over the past few years, the next hot item is a multi-tasker that delivers jaw-dropping results: introducing, the Skin Transforming Serum. Give your skin a kick-start by improving its radiance, correcting dark spots and discoloration, minimizing pores, and creating an airbrushed effect with soft focus diffusers. It’s a do-it-all product that allows you to apply less foundation by eliminating imperfections before doing your makeup.

The ultimate benefit of healthy summer skin? Reduced aging effects, meaning you’re not just taking care of your skin for the present, but giving it the nourishment it needs for many seasons to come. Don’t let sunburn, clogged pores, or itchy dry skin take away from that sassy suntan, and set the stage for stunning makeup all summer long!

Until next time, Butterflis.