October 13, 2015

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How to Make Your Makeup Last

Here at Butterfli Me, our top criteria for choosing our friends is the same as choosing our makeup: they both need to be reliable. If foundation decides to slide off midway through the day or lipstick leaves before lunch, it’s time to rethink your routine! Sometimes, all it takes are a few tweaks to achieve the results you’re looking for. Never fear, busy Butterfli’-s! We’ve got the top five tips to help make your makeup last.

Multi-task with Moisturizer

 Even if you fall on the naturally oilier side, we can’t stress enough how important daily moisturizer is for your skin, both for its overall health AND its ability to provide staying power for your makeup. When skin is dehydrated, makeup is absorbed into your pores, leading to breakouts and a lack of coverage. Moisturize daily to create an even surface for your foundation to sit on top of instead of sink in to. 

Prime All Parts Possible

 Primers have been all over the beauty scene for the past couple of years, and for good reason: they help you make the most of the makeup you already own! Furthermore, this powerhouse product has begun to evolve, leading to a new generation of specialty primers. We use both our Retexturizing Face Primer and Shadow Base for our event-look makeup to ensure nothing fades or creases.

Win with Waterproof

Smudged makeup is only cute when it’s done on purpose, and unfortunately, most mascaras have a habit of running and/or smudging without the green light. To combat this problem, we recommend using waterproof formulas. This way, the natural moisture of your eyes won’t cause the formula to dilute and run, keeping your eyes clearly defined without fear of raccoon-hood.

Staying Power of Stains

Cheek and lip stains can often look incredibly natural while still providing powerful pigment that lasts! This best-of-both-worlds product is a staple for girls on the go. It can do double duty for both cheeks and lips, AND keeps a subtle flush in your complexion, no matter how many meetings you have scheduled.

Set It and Forget It

If you’ve ever seen an artist finishing a sketch, you’d know how they preserve the amazing work they’ve accomplished: with a glossy spray to set the medium in place. So now we ask: why should your makeup be any different? Setting everything in place with a translucent powder or makeup setting spray helps to diffuse any harsh lines or unblended product, and ultimately, locks all your artistry into place.

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.