September 30, 2015

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Halloween Makeup: Ghoulish Gals & Their Little Monsters

The pumpkin spice latte is back, boots are once again in the wardrobe rotation, and the morning air is suddenly crisp and cool. Fall is officially here! Before you know it, it will be Halloween, and you’ll be scrambling for a costume that’s cute, comfortable, and most importantly, cost-effective. Who wants to spend money on clothing or accessories you’ll rarely (if ever) wear again? This spooky season, let us get you dressed up in the best way we know how: with mind-blowing makeup for all our ghoulish gals (and guys!) 

Frisky Felines

Ok, so maybe you won’t get points for originality, but dressing as one of your favorite feline species for Halloween is both simple and sexy - two of our favorite adjectives! This is a costume that was MADE to be thrown together on the fly, which explains why it’s so common. Still, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Skip the ‘scary black cat,’ and go for something a little more exotic, like a leopard or cheetah. We love recreating their gorgeous patterns! We also sculpt your features, giving you true cat eyes and a short, narrow nose to complete the look. Ears are available for purchase, but beware: they don’t come with nine lives!

Skull Sister

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican tradition to honor the dead, and also the inspiration for some of the most intricate and beautiful makeup designs in the world! To celebrate the occasion, many people paint their faces to resemble the ornate skulls used to adorn the headstones of lost loved ones, with vibrant colors and intricate design. Our interpretation would emphasize the eyes, nose, and mouth, leaving the white face paint as an option for those who want to look truly authentic. 

Delicate Deer

Our pick for the most popular makeup look of 2015 is the delicate deer, a fun and gorgeous twist on a typical animal costume. Focused primarily on the eyes and brows, our artists use a warm, rust-colored shadow to mimic the color of a deer’s fur, then use white as the accent color to create spots and depth to the nose. The finishing touch is thick graphic liner used to define the eyes, which look twice their size. Talk about doe-eyed! 

Posh Pocahontas

This native-inspired makeup look is about as universal as it gets; an entire family could rock this and everyone would look fabulous. Totally customizable in terms of the color palette, this look is similar to the Delicate Deer in that it requires only the areas normally covered by a mask (eyes, brows, cheekbones) to create the effect. Once a base color is established, accent markings are added in either white or black to create contrast.

Hopefully by now the wheels are turning, and your haute Halloween look is starting to form behind your eyes… but what about the rest of your crew? For the moms, girlfriends, and type-A friends among us, we’ve got some good news for your group costumes; our Halloween makeup looks can be re-imagined on everyone, with plenty more ideas on our Pinterest board! Man or woman, young or old, sweet or scary: the options are endless! Don’t end up in your pajamas eating candy. Let us put a little makeup magic in your Halloween! 

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.