September 15, 2015

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How to Choose The Right Shades for Your Eye Color

Like a closet full of clothes or a wall of polish at the nail salon, picking the right shades of eye shadow for the look you want to achieve can be overwhelming. Many of us stick to what we know; we learn to create a staple look, and then find ourselves wearing the same makeup day in and day out. We’re here to encourage you to shake up that routine, but in a way that works for you: by finding the right palette for your eye color. Once you understand what shades naturally enhance your complexion and features, you can start to build your repertoire and take your boring old sweep of gold and black smudged eyeliner to the next level. Plus, since this method is not based on trends, picking the right shades to complement your eye color will give you classic looks you’ll be rocking till the wrinkles show.


Blue Eyed Babes

When picking the best shades for blue eyes (or any eye color, for that matter), you should start by looking at a color wheel. Find the opposite of your eye color, and voilà, instant contrast that is stunning next to crystal blue gems. For blue eyes, the complementary colors are shimmery bronze browns, rich purples, light blues, and neutral smoky eyes with light gray. Want to spice it up even further? To really make your blue eyes blaze, line with an orange or terra cotta eyeliner. Orange is the color directly across from blue, making them contrast colors and an amazing duo on your lids!


Green Eyed Girls

One word: purple. Violet and amethyst tones are ideal for green eyes, making them pop against any complexion. Whether it’s a smoky eye, graphic liner, or just a cool wash of color across your eyelids, rich purple shades will leave your green eyes looking radiant. In the same color family, we also love steel grays and charcoals, warm and pinky peaches, and tone-on-tone olive greens.

Hazel Honeys

While we don’t specifically offer looks tailored to hazel eyes, it’s because you versatile ladies have your pick of many different color combos that work with brown and green eyes, since hazel is a mix of the two! For a neutral look that works on just about anyone, we recommend a daytime version of a smoky eye, very similar to our Kauai look. To recreate at home, swipe peach pink shadow on your lid, shimmery bronze blended into your crease, and a dark, chocolate brown swipe of smudged eyeliner on top and bottom eye lines.

Brown Bombshells

With eyes so gorgeous, of course you have your own theme song! Brown-eyed girls, prepare to make your peepers the star of the show with highly pigmented cobalt blue (again, the complimentary color on the color wheel), effortlessly executed in the Miami look. We also love navy, especially as a liner, functioning like an accent color for the overall eye palette. Lastly, we can’t forget gold shadow as a staple in any makeup look for brown eyes. The gorgeous metallic brings out beautiful gold undertones in just about any shade of brown.

Until next time, Social Butterfli’-s.