July 28, 2015

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How You’re Secretly Sabotaging Your Makeup Routine

Let’s face it: sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our morning routine. We set the alarm with just enough time for everything to run smoothly, and then are mystified when the lip liner we applied in our rearview mirror looks less Kylie Jenner and more like Bozo the clown. Why can’t we learn to get out of our own way and set ourselves up for success? Because if there is one thing we can control in our daily lives, it’s the confidence that comes from starting your day with a polished look, despite the spilled coffee or gridlock traffic.

Hold Off on the Humidity

When your head is still up in the clouds, it’s easy to spend a little extra time in the shower, forcing you to rush once you’re out to make up time. Unfortunately, this move is only going to set you back further, because an ultra-steamy bathroom is destined to ruin your makeup before you even begin applying it. Nothing wants to blend, and even worse, nothing will stay put. First rule of thumb: get out of the Amazon. Set up a vanity somewhere with good natural light and watch your makeup go from a sweaty mess to a sexy success.

Mellow out the Mascara

The most common mistake women make when doing their makeup is over-applying mascara. It’s a common misconception that more means larger lashes, which is simply not the case. Celebrity makeup artist and Butterfli Me beauty director Dusty Starks says, "we all want our lashes to look long and thick but two coats is all you need. Mascara dries pretty quickly so when you apply a coat and then a second coat, it's already drying in between. If you keep putting tons of mascara on, coat after coat, it's just going to get clumpy and make your lashes look spidery." Starks recommends Delphine Luxury Mascara ($18) for flirty lashes in just two coats. 

Lock in the Lashes 

Adding a little va-va-voom to your lashes is a perfectly respectable way to “fake an awake” on a rough morning, but if applied incorrectly, can become a complete fiasco. "You have to let the glue dry so it can get tacky," says Starks. "Wait that 30 seconds. If you don't the lash won't stick and it can slip all over the place. You'll end up either with glue in your eye or on your lid and it's hard to remove."

Set Your Skin Care 

Like all makeup products, your skin care lotions and potions need time to absorb before you layer any face makeup on top. Patience is key; brush your teeth immediately following your serum or eye cream and eliminate uneven skin or product pilling for perfect, porcelain skin.

Double-Check in Daylight

Doing your makeup in the dark is a one-way ticket to Clownsville, with over-application and sharp, unblended contours giving you away. Don’t leave it to chance- "Who knows what's going to walk out of that room!” says Starks. “Try to find as much natural light as possible, whether it's in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.”