July 14, 2015

How to Summer Proof Your Makeup

Ever made the mistake of leaving your makeup bag in the car on a hot day? We’ve all been there. Lipsticks turn to mush, your liquid foundation separates and that new creme highlighter you just purchased has tiny beads of sweat forming on its gorgeous, shimmery surface. Unfortunately, these same tragedies can occur once the makeup is already on your face, leaving you looking oily, creased, and overdone: the true definition of a “hot mess.” Thankfully, there are ways to summer proof your makeup against heat and humidity that will ensure you remain as fabulous as when you first applied it. Look no further, warm-weather worshippers. We’ve compiled the top five tips to help your makeup last through even the toughest conditions.

Apply Face and Eye Primer

Even when the weather isn’t your biggest enemy, most women skip this step, to their own detriment. Using a primer not only gives your foundation or BB/CC cream a better surface to adhere to, it also hydrates, re-texturizes, and can diminish the look of imperfections - meaning you’ll save more on foundation over time. Most importantly, it will help prevent your makeup from creasing and fading throughout the day.

Swap your Foundation for BB or CC Cream

The beauty of BB or CC cream is its lightweight formula, meaning you can achieve a natural, glowing finish while still benefiting from some coverage. First, apply your cream by starting at the center of your face and blending outward. This allows the majority of the product to cover common problem areas, i.e. the T-zone. Once you’ve applied, spot conceal with liquid concealer to hide any blemishes or imperfections. Bonus? Our formulas have SPF 20, offering you protection many liquid foundations don’t. However, if you will be exposed to the sun for extended periods, applying additional sunscreen under or over your makeup is highly recommended! 

Bronze, baby! 

By now, most women have discovered the beauty of the bronzer; but what you don’t realize is that it’s one of the most versatile products in your arsenal! For summer, pick a bronzer with a more matte finish, to eliminate the possibility of looking too shiny or oily once you start to perspire. Apply in the shape of the number three on both sides of your face - along your hairline, directly underneath your cheekbones, and along your jaw line. For an added boost of warmth, you can use it as a shadow, lighted dust it over your nose and cheek bones, or even as a light flush of color on your lips when applied with a clear balm or gloss! 

Cream Blush for the Chalk-less Look 

Sadly, some of our favorite powder blushes can look too chalky in the bright sunlight. Cream blush is a great alternative because it gives that dewy finish. Use it alone or set it with just a hint of powder blush to make it last all day. We like to apply with our fingertips, because your natural body heat allows the product to glide on smoothly and gives you better control of the amount you apply. Choose a bronzy or coral shade to compliment your summer look. 

Waterproof, wow! Gel Eyeliner & Waterproof Mascara

Let’s face it, raccoon eyes are never cute. Then again, neither are tired, puffy, or undefined eyes when you forgo your mascara and eyeliner for a dip in the water! We won’t force you to choose: we want you to have the best of both worlds! Our waterproof gel liner pencils and mascara are fantastic for those vacation days when you never know what could happen. The formulas are highly pigmented, dry instantly, and last all day.

Summer is a time for carefree fun, not worrying about how your makeup is going to look in those Facebook beach pics. These tips will keep you fresh faced and fancy free: just the way we like our summer nights. Want more makeup tips, event invites, and inspiring beauty looks? Connect with us on Facebook!

 Until next time, Social Butterfli'-s.